Founded in 2007 in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK, Audio Wave Ltd has been dedicated to creating high-end car audio amplifiers. The journey began in 2002 with extensive design, research, and development, culminating in the official launch five years later. Amidst the challenges in the car audio market, the commitment to superior quality and craftsmanship has remained steadfast.

Each amplifier is meticulously designed and hand-crafted. The first models, the CR-200 Mono Block, CR-200X Mono Block, and CR-400 Dual Mono Block, set the standard, each taking two to six weeks to build. In 2009, the more affordable Aspire series was introduced, followed by the Aspire Pro range in 2010.

The entire process is comprehensive and conducted in-house. From schematic diagrams to PCB design, each component is carefully fitted by hand. After rigorous testing and a burn-in period, final tests ensure the highest quality. The CR-400 amplifiers, Aspire DST, Aspire Pro DST, and Aspire Pro Dual Mono amplifiers undergo a meticulous matching process to achieve the closest specification pairing for balanced and outstanding sound reproduction.

The pride in the products and the dedication to building each amplifier is recognized by dealers and customers worldwide, as well as in international competitions. Audio Wave remains committed to ongoing research and development to continuously deliver better products. What started as a dream has grown into a portfolio of over ten products that rival and surpass many domestic amplifiers on the market. Audio Wave doesn’t just build amplifiers; it creates high-end audio experiences.

Bringing Audio Wave to the USA

Audio Wave amplifiers are now available in the USA, brought in to meet the growing demand for high-quality car audio systems. Each amplifier is imported with the same commitment to excellence that defines the brand. The rigorous hand-crafting and testing processes ensure that American customers receive the same superior products that have earned a global reputation. Audio Wave USA ensures that these premium amplifiers are accessible, providing top-tier sound quality for car audio enthusiasts across the country.

AudioWave Excel CA
AudioWave Excel CA
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